Janet Clare
A brief biography

Janet Clare is an artist, textile designer, teacher, author, quilter and all round creative thinker who is inspired by

words, sayings and lovely phrases that she comes across and also by children and the joy they find in the mundane.

Janet captures these nuggets, thoughts and ideas in scrapbooks and sketchbooks which she describes as "quite literally the most inspiring thing I own." From these she creates inspirational and lively designs for quilts and stitcheries that combine her unique jointed appliqué templates and free motion machine drawing technique.


Janet has created a range of quilt and stitchery patterns, written five books and designed eight fabric collections in collaboration with Moda. Janet's products retail in quilt shops across the UK and in her online ETSY store, as well as featuring on Create and Craft TV, where Janet presents a live show once a month.

Her work features frequently in patchwork and quilting publications and as an experienced speaker and teacher, she regularly hosts talks and workshops at quilt shops, guilds and in her own studio focusing on the design process and the creative techniques she uses.


Janet lives in a happy muddle with her family and a dog called Betty.

Beauties of Nature with Janet Clare    

Thursday July 5th to Thursday July 12th 2018



I find books and magazines endlessly interesting and I love to read and write down passages and quotes that I particularly like. I found the lovely phrase "The beauties of nature are charming to me" in a Shaker hymn years ago and this inspired me to create and piece my stitched nature collection.

During our week together, you will create little patchwork vignettes to craft a personal "charming to you" nature inspired wall hanging. I will introduce you to my creative process - the wonder of sketchbooks and Pinterest, where I draw and capture ideas every day, and the joy of exploring our surroundings and every day finds. Your creativity is like a well which must be filled up regularly not just emptied, so we will look, read, search for and collect things to inspire our project.


We will explore a lot of techniques including piecing scrappy backgrounds, fusible appliqué, sewing machine drawing (my favourite technique), embroidery as well as incorporating your favourite fabrics, lace, buttons and other lovely curios into your work.


I will guide and help you explore ideas, draw templates you need for your appliqué, and encourage you to have fun and experiment with rust, bleach, dyeing and flower printing amongst other things!


Day 1

Arrive today. Meet and greet supper with wine to get your creative juices flowing! Janet will introduce her ‘Beauties of Nature’ piece, talk about her creative practice, show you her sketchbooks and get you inspired for a wonderful week.


Day 2

Morning: Janet will introduce techniques that are an important part of how she achieves her appliqué and quilting style and you will begin by learning how free-motion stitching can transform and personalise your appliqué and breathe life into your work!

Afternoon: We will create our first patchwork vignette with a pieced patchwork background, appliqué and embellish with free-motion.


Day 3

We will experiment throughout the day with a wide variety of techniques to dye, discolour and alter fabrics, creating lovely subtle and muted effects that can be incorporated into our overall piece. We will explore using rusty metal, tea, bleach and pressing flowers amongst other things and develop new pieces for our wall hanging.

Day 4

This morning is an outing to bargain hunt for fabulous French finds at the local VIde Grenier market! I love not knowing what I’m going to find, and I am sure we will be able to gather some inspirational elements for our work.

Afternoon: Discuss our treasure and precious finds and begin to explore how we can incorporate them or the ideas they inspire into our work using the techniques learnt so far.


Day 5 

Introduction to English paper piecing, hand quilting, hand sewing, embroidery and exploring how they can be used to enhance and embellish our textile pieces!


Day 6

Is an outing day to Aubusson, the famous tapestry making town. I am very excited about this! We will of course continue to gather inspiration whilst we are out and about and the studio will be open after your return for you to continue your projects.


Day 7

Pulling it all together. We will gather all the lovely little vignettes we have created and look at the overall composition of our wall hanging, adjusting and embellishing further, creating new pieces and adding little curios and finds using the techniques we have learnt to bring the final work together.


Day 8 

Today we will say our goodbyes and 'tie up any loose ends'. Most flights are later in the afternoon so the studio will be open for you to use all morning followed by lunch before you leave.





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