Please check with the Ryanair or British Airways website for flight dates that match your course. Crafty Retreats is 35 minutes from Limoges Airport. We have scheduled all our courses to to tie in with the maximum number of flights coming into Limoges. When booking your flight please advise us of your time of arrival so that we can pick you up at the right time.



London Stansted to Limoges

Thursdays Departing at 14.50 arriving in Limoges at 17.30

Fridays Departing at 15.00 arriving in Limoges at 17.40

Limoges to London Stansted

Thursdays Departing at 17.55 arriving in Stansted at 18.35

Fridays Departing at 18.05 arriving in Stansted at 18.45


Bristol to Limoges

Fridays Departing at 14.00 arriving in Limoges at 16.35

Limoges to Bristol

Fridays Departing at 17.00 arriving in Bristol at 17.40



East Midlands to Limoges

Thursdays Departing at 13.45 arriving in Limoges at 16.30

Limoges to East Midlands

Thursdays Departing at 16.55 arriving in East Mids at 17.45



Leeds Bradford to Limoges

Thursdays Departing at 06.20 arriving in Limoges at 09.15

Limoges to Leeds Bradford

Thursdays Departing at 09.40 arriving in Leeds at 10.30



Manchester to Limoges

Fridays Departing at 12.10 arriving in Limoges at 14.55

Limoges to Manchester

Fridays Departing at 15.20 arriving in Manchester at 16.05


British Airways

London Gatwick to Limoges BA2792

Fridays Departing at 07.15 arriving in Limoges at 09.40

Limoges to London Gatwick BA2793

Fridays Departing at 10.25 arriving in Gatwick at 10.55


If you wish to come early or leave later we can accomodate this but please contact us to discuss your requirements before booking your flight. Extra nights cost £50 and include all food.




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