Anne (Moore)

A brief biography


Anne loves paint and

loves textiles so she

combines the two in

her work.  


She hand paints all the fabric she uses and then prints the finer details. Finally she embellishes the pieces with machine stitching. Each piece is individually designed based on a location she has visited.


Anne creates work that is flexible - able to change location and shape as the mood takes you!


To that end each townscape is self- supporting. They do not require frames and can be either free standing or wall mounted - manipulated into a shape or hung "flat".


See Anne’s work

Painting the Town with

Anne (Moore) Hellyer


Thursday July 6th to Thursday July 13th 2017 - FULL




Course Outline

We will be Painting the Town with Anne Moore this summer making beautiful French scenes using hand painted fabrics. Finished pieces can either be hung flat or made to stand using gentle bends. We will visit local towns for inspiration and sketching before developing our unique townscapes. 


The course is suitable for all levels of machine users from complete beginners through to confident quilters.


Day 1 Arrive today. Meet and greet supper with wine to get your creative juices flowing! Anne will display her sample townscapes and discuss how she made them.


Day 2 This morning we will visit Limoges to photograph and/ or sketch some of the buildings that we will use for our designs later in the week. In the afternoon we will experiment with paint and fabric, learning how to achieve different finishes to use both this week and for future projects.

Day 3 Using photographs, sketches and fabrics from yesterday you will start to compile your own book of samples. Then taking this reference material you will design your first project. The afternoon will be spent bringing your design to life, using appliqué, further paint and free machine embroidery.


Day 4 Today is an outing day to the Puces de la Cité in Limoges.

Whilst at the flea market photograph buildings and objects that can inspire your townscapes or make sketches of the locality. Look at vintage objects, colour, shapes and lines and find interesting old textiles, linen and other haberdashery items.


The studio will be open after we return if you wish to continue working on your project from yesterday.


Day 5 Using the techniques and practical experience learnt from days 2 & 3 you will design and start making Project 2.


Day 6 is an outing day to Aubusson, the famous tapestry making town. Whilst visiting the town, its galleries and museums we shall look for inspiration and discuss shape, colour & design ideas. We will also sketch and take photographs. The studio will be open on your return to continue working.


Day 7 Use today to continue working on your main project started on Day 5.


Day 8 Today we will say our goodbyes and 'tie up any loose ends'. Most flights are later in the afternoon so the studio will be open for you to use all morning followed by lunch before you leave.

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