Surprising Silhouettes with
Angela Madden


Friday July 22nd to Friday July 29th 2016



A great new fun approach to an old idea! Cutting contrasting designs from black and white paper has been done before. That’s where we start but soon we leave it far behind exploring whatever kind of images personally attract you. Maybe realistic shapes, geometric or organic, symmetrical or asymmetrical? The possibilities are varied and endless but brilliant when created in fabric.


This course is suitable for experienced or new quilters, confidently artistic or ‘artistically challenged’!  Those that think they are challenged are especially welcome as they quickly discover they have definitely under-estimated themselves! Both the designing and the stitching require no special expertise, but the results will definitely be both satisfying and surprising, providing confidence in a new skill which can be used in many future projects.


Day 1 Friday: Arrive today. Meet and greet supper with wine to get your creative juices flowing! Angela will display her sample quilts and discuss how she made them.


Day 2 Saturday: Full studio day. After breakfast we will be in the studio experimenting with shapes and creating designs using the 'Notan' cut paper technique. Notan is a Japanese concept meaning light and dark. We will study and explore the design principles of shape, symmetry, balance and space. If you believe that you are not artisitic think again!


After a mouth-watering lunch made using local produce we will return to the studio and begin moving from paper to fabric. We will consider fabric choices, preparation or our designs and machine stitching alternatives.


Day 3 Sunday: This will be an outing day to Aubusson, the famous tapestry making town. Whilst visiting the town, its galleries and museums we shall look for inspiration and discuss shape, colour & design ideas. We will also sketch silhouettes and take photographs. The studio will be open on your return to continue working.


Day 4 Monday: Full studio day. After breakfast we will continue experimenting with alternative paper folding and pattern cutting methods. We will start expanding and combining patterns. After lunch we will apply these experiments to fabric.


Day 5 Tuesday: Full studio day. Today we will develop complex designs and design a personal quilt or wall hanging project. A digital camera or ipad will be vital today to record the multitude of possibilities created from any one design. (Cameras will be available should you not have one.) In the afternoon you will work on your personal quilt/wall hanging project.


Day 6 Wednesday: This morning you have options! An outing to Limoges or working in the studio. Those who stay behind can continue to work on their project and then in the afternoon when we are all together again we will discuss alternative uses and applications for your patterns. Finally to finish the day we will look at quilting possibilities for each project. 


Day 7 Thursday: Full studio day completing our personal projects.


Day 8 Friday: Today we will say our goodbyes and 'tie up any loose ends'. Most flights are later in the afternoon so the studio will be open for you to use all morning followed by lunch before you leave.


By the end of the week you should have a variety of samples to refer back to and a stunning wall hanging or quilt.


Please note! Each day will be 'culturally enhanced' by Angela's grumpy old quilter poems on vitally important subjects such as needing glasses, false eyelashes or people who get off escalators then immediately stand still! Many others are quilting related. The suggestion of further subjects for such 'theraputic poetry' will be heartily encouraged throughout the week.

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Angela Madden

A brief creative biography


Angela lives about 25 miles north of London in Harpenden. Herts. U.K. After working for

many years as an Occupational Therapist, she gained a degree in adult education before

changing direction in 1991 to pursue her interest in patchwork and quilting.


Since then she has published 9 needlework books and developed 3 design drafting tools

and made 6 DVD's. The subject matter of her books has varied from Celtic design, through

geometric, floral and perspective patchwork to photo realistic appliqué and innovative

techniques using furnishing fabric.Angela has also contributed to or been profiled in quilting magazines and books in the U.K. Japan, U.S. New Zealand, Germany and Ireland.


Since taking up quilting Angela has won awards for her quilts at all the major U.K. quilt shows and was awarded 1st place for Innovative Appliqué in Houston, Texas in 2000 and the Kairin Pisereva silver cup for pictorial appliqué at the U.K. National Patchwork Championship in 2001. Angela was one of the 25 quilters commissioned in 2005 to make a piece for the U.K. Quilter's Guild to celebrate their 25th Anniversary


Angela has been a guest on six U.S. 'Sewing with Nancy' (Zieman) TV programmes to demonstrate her techniques and has judged shows in Spain, New Zealand and at the National Patchwork Championships in 2003 and The Festival of Quilts 2004/5/7 and 8.


Angela has taught and demonstrated at the International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas each year from 1996 to 2003 and taught by invitation at the Martha Pullen Quilt Academy in Alabama in 2003. In 2010 and 2012 she was part of the U.K. team invited to create and model garments for the 'Fashion Sans Frontiers'  show at the Festival of Quilts at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham and was awarded a gold medal for her garments. 


International teaching has carried her to guilds, shops and shows in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A. Spain, France, Ireland, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Sweden, Canada, Oman and Israel as well as all over the British Isles!



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